“I just purchased my second investment property with Kinan and I couldn’t be happier. We found an investment property in Hyde Park that met my model for both cash flow and appreciation. Very hard to do. We closed quickly and fairly, and were able to work out fair but aggressive terms with the sellers. In a market that is getting tighter and tighter every day in terms of real estate, I am happy that I have Kinan on my side.”

-Adam Johnston, Investor

“Kinan Beck was phenomenal as our Real Estate Agent in Spring, 2013. He was very knowledgeable about the Austin housing market, including the pros and cons of all of the neighborhoods that we were interested in (which spanned all over the area). He was able to show us a great number of listings that fit our criteria over the course of a year, both in person and online, and found us our dream home in one of our most desired neighborhoods. His willingness to work with my wife and I as we endured my corporate relocation was greatly appreciated. He even went above and beyond the normal duties of an agent to help guide my relocation manager to ensure that I got the most appropriate relocation package possible. In the end, he negotiated a fantastic deal for us with the selling agent, who was initially unwilling to budge off their price. He then further assisted us by facilitating communication with a great general contractor that he regularly works with, who completed all of our desired upgrades on time and under budget. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for an agent in the Austin area, and will most definitely call him should I ever be in need of a Real Estate Agent again.”

-Josh Dirsmith, Buyer

“We have worked with several realtors in the area and have experienced nothing but frustration with communication until we met Kinan. If you want someone to stand up on your behalf and clearly communicate throughout the process, then Kinan is the man. I hope to never move again, but if I ever had to sell or buy again, I will not call another realtor. Kinan is a permanent contact in my list.”

-Joseph Ahrens, Buyer

“Kinan provided us an excellent service. He has a deep understanding of the industry and provided research and experience that was critical to our ability to navigate a somewhat complicated Austin market. Kinan always answers his phone and comes prepared to every meeting. A real professional.”

-Cody Ackermann, Buyer

“I have been fortunate to have Kinan Beck as my realtor for the last 9 years. Kinan has been both my buyers agent and my listing agent on numerous occasions in the past and I would strongly recommend him for anyone needing an incredible realtor. I have referred him to my brother, my sister, my friends, and my parents who have all had the same incredible results as I have. Kinan goes the extra mile as a realtor, negotiating top dollar when listing your home and getting the best possible deal when helping you purchase a home. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and to be around and I consider him not only my realtor, but my friend. He is very educated on all the different areas of Austin and is very honest about any questions you may have about neighborhoods, schools, commute time, etc. Kinan is a realtor who genuinely wants to help you find your home on your terms and within budget. He is a very patient realtor and I can tell you this since my wife and I looked at over 50 homes in different parts of town each time we have moved. Kinan was happy to show us each and every property no matter how long it took and helped us with our hundreds of questions on each property. I am lucky to have Kinan Beck as my realtor and I know if you choose him to be your realtor, you have made the best possible choice. Thanks for being an awesome Kinan realtor, keep up the outstanding work, we can’t wait to work with you again in the future!”

-Jason Holden, Seller/Buyer

“In short, Kinan is amazing. He helped us buy our first house under market value for $150,000 in 2006 and helped us sell the same house in 2013 for $250,000. We were new to the housing market and he guided us through everything.Kinan was our agent when we bought our first home in North Austin in the Millwood subdivision. We switched to Kinan after having a bad experience with our first Realtor. The differences between our fired Realtor and Kinan were night and day. The fired Realtor was more interested in making as much money as possible in the shortest time possible. In contrast, Kinan was interested in building a relationship. Kinan was honest, knowledgeable, flexible, reliable, responsive, and a nice guy. We ended up buying a 2300 square foot house in 2006 for $150,000. It was a great deal at the time.

Fast Forward 5 Years – Our family decided we would like to move out into the country. So, I called Kinan and told him our desires. He immediately setup a meeting with us to discuss. He told us at the time that he thought we could sell our house for $180,000 (with some minor renovations). He said that if we wanted to sell it for more and sell it quicker, we would need to do some major renovations. We were not in the best financial position at the time to spend money on renovations. Kinan was awesome when we told him we were not ready to move forward with selling the house. He let us move at our own pace.

1.5 years later we were ready to do some renovations. Kinan hooked us up with a cost effective contractor. Kinan worked with the contractor to give us 3 itemized bids, one at $10k, one at $20k, and one at $30k. Kinan showed us how much he thought he could sell the house for at each different renovation cost level. The $30k in renovations resulted in the most return (both in dollar amount and by percentage) on our $30k renovation investment. He said if we spent $30k on renovations he thought he could sell the house for $215k-$220k. The renovations went OK. We had some problems with the contractor. Kinan stuck up for us with the contractor (even though he had been working with the contractor for years) and got all of our issues worked out. $30k later, we had new wood flooring on the first floor, granite counter tops throughout, new paint inside and outside, new landscaping (grass, plants, etc.), replaced siding, and a bunch of inspection code violations fixed.

Construction finished in January 2013. Kinan suggested we wait until March to put the property on the market (since the market typically improves in March). We put the house on the market, in 2 days we had 2 offers. We ended up taking a cash offer for $250,000 ($30k more than we expected).

Every interaction, the entire experience, everything went great. Kinan is an excellent Realtor.”

-Lorne Hengst, Seller/Buyer

“Kinan did an amazing job finding our new home. Using his technology tools and market intelligence, Kinan was able to quickly produce a short list of options that made great use of our time while we were still on the East Coast. We ended up with two choices in very different neighborhoods and Kinan was able to explain to us the pros and cons of living in each area. We picked our new home (which we love) and Kinan negotiated (via text!) a great deal with some concessions I would have never considered. I loved working with Kinan and look forward to using him again for our next home.”

-Scott Strzinek, Buyer

“Kinan is a super real estate professional. He helped us make the transition from East Coast to no coast in Austin! Our requirements were very specific because we chose Austin as a retirement place. He was able to find us a home in the perfect place, close to all the amenities required when you are approaching your golden years.”

-Jane Jenkins, Buyer

“I have worked with Kinan twice now. On both occasions Kinan went over and above the call of duty to educate me, get me the best deal, and make sure I found the perfect place. I’m a pretty high maintenance girl and I like to be VERY hands-on, so I’m sure I landed at the upper end of the needy-client spectrum, but he never failed to respond to my many late night emails and didn’t bat an eyelash when I presented him with custom spreadsheets. Kinan was a great source of calm through every stressful step of the relocating and renting/buying process.

Two years ago, Kinan helped me find a fabulous apartment when I relocated to Austin from out of state. At the time, I knew nothing about Austin (or Texas!) let alone where I wanted to live. Kinan went out of his way to not only educate me on Austin neighborhoods and apartment complexes, but also to get an understanding of my lifestyle so that he could advise me on perspectives I hadn’t considered.

Most recently, Kinan helped me buy my first house, a bank-owned foreclosure in central Austin. He knew all the players and was AMAZING at negotiating through the red-tape involved in buying a foreclosure. Hours after our first walk-through, he even managed to get a contractor to meet us at the house so that I could get an estimate on renovation costs as I considered making an offer. After closing on the house, he set me up with mover recommendations and made sure I had everything I needed to get settled.

When I decide to sell this house and move onto something bigger (I’ve been bitten by the real estate bug), I will unquestionably work with Kinan again, as both a listing and buyer’s agent. In short, if you’re looking for a real estate agent in Austin for renting, buying or selling, you couldn’t do better than Kinan Beck. He’s the best.”

-Gabriela Allen, Buyer

“Kinan found my first home which I still own today, rented it out to my tenants after I decided to move, and located a downtown high rise for me to live in. He took the time, effort, and patience in helping me find exactly what I was looking for as well as gave me all the pertinent information I needed to make the absolute best decision for me. To say that I am very satisfied with his performance would be a severe understatement.”

-Mohammed Beck, Buyer

“We were so fortunate to have Kinan as our buying agent. Before finding us a home, He gave us a tour of the city, since we were from Chicago. He showed us the best restaurants, best schools, best gym, best kids activities places etc. He was extremely knowledgeable and we can’t thank him enough. He was very patient with us as we wanted to make sure that we find the perfect home in the best neighborhood and in our price range. Not only he found us that home, he got us the best price and we couldn’t be any happier. He always checked on us to make sure we understood everything, or if we had any concerns about any home or areas that we were interested in. Did I mention on how fast he responded to any email, text or phone call? That’s was awesome. So, if you are looking to buy or sell, Kinan should be your only call, you won’t regret it! Exceptional services! Thanks Kinan.”

-Ryan & Jane Ennis, Buyers

“Kinan provided a first class experience throughout the housing search. He was very attentive to our needs and went above and beyond our expectations. I would definitely recommend Kinan to anyone who is looking for an excellent realtor.”

-Oloyede Olumide, Buyer

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